The video monitoring system of river and rain conditions mainly collects and processes the water conditions, rain conditions and video information of each reservoir and river, fully realizes the sharing of resources and information, realizes the safety analysis and evaluation of water conservancy projects, and forecasts floods. Based on the current situation of engineering safety, flood forecast results and the dynamics of changes in water volume, the optimal scheduling plan is proposed, which provides a strong guarantee for the refined management of river channels, dams and reservoirs.

The video surveillance system based on the video capture terminal is an overall solution independently developed by our company with intellectual property rights. It integrates advanced 3G/4G/5G/WIFI communication technology, supports 4-way IPC access, real-time video local storage/remote viewing , GPS positioning, camera input and output, mobile frame measurement, alarm recording and alarm recording protection and alarm event reporting platform, support video local/remote playback and export functions of recording.

Main functions of the system

1) Real-time monitoring of rainfall, water and other potential parameters to grasp the dynamics of rain conditions in real time.

2) Real-time transmission of remote photo or video real-time monitoring functions.

3) When the warning value of parameters such as rainfall and water level is set, it will automatically alarm.

4) Analysis of comprehensive factors such as meteorology, geology and environment.

The main components of the system

1) Front-end system
       It consists of Hikvision high-definition network bolts and video acquisition terminals, which are mainly used for video data acquisition. Among them, the video acquisition terminal is the core device, which is responsible for uploading the video images of each monitoring point collected by the camera and uploading them to the monitoring center through 4G/5G/bridge and other network methods after being compressed and encoded, so as to realize the remote viewing of the video. Transmission of water and rain data data. At the same time, actions such as video switching, lens zoom, close-range/long-range, and aperture adjustment can be controlled according to the commands issued by the operation of the monitoring center.

2) Video capture terminal
      The product adopts high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit communication processor and industrial-grade wireless module, local large-capacity data security storage, provides tipping bucket rain gauge interface, RS232, RS485, analog input, switch input and switch output interface, which can be Meet a variety of hydrological/water resources and other application needs.

3) Transmission system
        Information transmission consists of transmission antenna, operator base station system, etc.; based on IP network, data transmission is carried out using TCP/IP communication protocol. Each front-end subsystem transmits the audio and video data, GPS data and sensor data collected by the front-end camera to the management platform in real time through the 4G wireless network.

4) Video surveillance management platform
    1. The B/S distributed architecture is adopted, which is convenient for expansion and can meet the growing operational business needs;

    2. System modular design, function expansion is more convenient;

    3. Distributed architecture, easy to expand, can meet the growing operational business needs;

    4. Tree structure display, clear hierarchy;

    5. Support offline or online device remote batch configuration and software upgrade;

    6. Timely alarm to easily grasp the equipment status;

    7. Flexible authority management, clear rights and responsibilities, safe and convenient;

River Monitoring

Created on:2022-09-23