The automatic monitoring system for the inclination of bulk carriers is composed of the front-end data acquisition equipment inclination sensor and the wireless communication module, which can realize real-time monitoring of the tilting state of bulk carriers, and through the transmission module to the monitoring station, the crew can view the ship's tilting state, geometric line and position at any time. When an alert occurs, an early warning message is sent to alert the relevant command staff to prepare for the adjustment. It is a typical IoT system, which is divided into sensing layer, transmission layer and application layer.

Data Transmission Terminal: the data processor and the sensors on the ship collect the sensor data in real time by wireless communication, analyze and calculate the actual inclination angle of the output ship, which can transmit the analysis and calculation of the tilt angle to the third party in real time (such as Unloader PLC or bulk cargo terminal dispatching system, etc.).

Security Early Warning Platform: Monitoring Cloud Platform, through the large screen, PC-side, mobile side of the graphical data display and processing, while the data stored in the database, the data stored permanently.

Monitoring Point Management: to realize the display, inquiry and statistics of the Tilting Point Information and monitoring network information of the cargo ship. 

Automatic early warning of monitoring point: can customize the monitoring early warning threshold of different monitoring points, monitoring equipment monitoring reached the early warning threshold will automatically send early warning information to the designated personnel. Timely use of personnel intervention, ship Unloader PLC or bulk terminal scheduling system to eliminate the security risks in the embryonic state.

System features

Integrated services: Integrated Software and hardware solutions, from monitoring, transmission, data services to business applications of one-stop intimate services.

Integrated monitoring station: integrated structure monitoring station, high reliability, small size, no integration, easy installation, low cost. Dust-proof, water-proof, lightning-proof, can adapt to the field rain wet and other harsh working environment.

Multi-network mode: the system supports 3G/4G/5G mobile communication, SMS alarm, and other communication transmission modes.

Cloud Platform: convenient access platform for equipment, real-time viewing equipment monitoring data and running status, easy to achieve remote monitoring and management of equipment; A series of standardized data services from data collection, transmission, processing, integration, storage, analysis, display, to data push are realized, the implementation of generic and customized business applications.

The system solves the problems of heavy workload, poor effectiveness, continuity and accuracy of manual inspection, and the lag of analysis of inspection data. Through the use of Internet of things sense, transmission, knowledge and use of technology, cargo ship monitoring, to avoid cargo ship tilt, deformation, and other hazards to the cargo ship or the surrounding environment and the safety of personnel and property, for the command to quickly develop solutions that can avoid or mitigate damage caused by cargo ship damage. To realize the real-time dynamic monitoring of the tilting of the bulk carrier, strengthen the safety supervision of the tilting of the bulk carrier, make the bulk carrier in the real-time controllable safety state, and assist the managers to make scientific decision.

Automatic monitoring solution for bulk carrier tilting

Created on:2022-10-08