The biggest advantage of 5G is low latency and high speed, which brings great application scenarios to telemedicine.

1. Remote consultation, remote imaging

Remote consultation, remote imaging is the first application and the first benefit scenario. After all, using 5G to support the transmission and sharing of high-definition consultation and medical image data can greatly alleviate the timely and effective access to medical care in remote areas where medical resources are scarce. Serve.

2. Remote teaching

There is no problem with remote teaching, especially with the application of 5G technology, more scene-based teaching demonstrations and interactions can be introduced, including some advanced AR/VR-based immersive teaching in the industry. application.

3. Remote first aid

Remote first aid has also gradually begun to be applied. 5G technology can effectively improve the network capabilities of the computer network communication command system of the emergency command center, so that liaison, coordination, command, dispatch, communication and other links can be carried out smoothly and closely linked. 5G technology also enables high-definition video communication for ambulances to become a reality. The Beijing World Horticultural Exposition has already applied the 5G emergency medical system, and deployed many mobile CT medical treatment units on vehicles.


Created on:2022-09-26