New energy storage refers to new energy storage technologies other than pumped storage, including new lithium-ion batteries, flow batteries, flywheels, compressed air, hydrogen (ammonia) energy storage, thermal (cold) energy storage, etc. At present, lithium-ion batteries, lead batteries and flow batteries in new energy storage accounts for nearly 90% of the installed capacity.

The necessity of developing new energy storage is that with the gradual increase in the proportion of new energy power generation such as wind power and photovoltaics in my country, the instability of its power generation leads to increased pressure on power grid transmission and distribution. At the same time, electricity consumption peaks in summer and winter. , The fluctuation of the electricity load during the day puts forward higher requirements for the security and stability of the power grid. The new energy storage technology has the advantages of fast response, flexible configuration, and short construction period, and can play an important regulating role in the new power system with the increasing proportion of new energy.

What is new energy storage?

Created on:2022-09-23