The gas pipeline network monitoring system builds a dynamic monitoring network for the integrated management of the gas pipeline network. By adding smart sensors and using the Internet of Things technology, it can monitor data such as pressure, flow, confined space, and gas leakage, and record and analyze the health data of the pipeline network in real time. , to realize the integration of pipe network geospatial and operation status information and dynamic safety supervision of pipe network operation status. Through system construction, it provides reliable, effective and useful automated online monitoring technology means for gas companies, and improves the operation and management efficiency of gas companies. at the same time. The gas pipeline network monitoring system can strengthen the safety monitoring of the gas pipeline network and improve the response time of danger alarms. Through the analysis of the monitoring data of the gas pipeline network, the gas source can be well dispatched and the emergency alarm events of the gas pipeline network can be quickly handled. Chenmai smart gas pipeline network monitoring system is suitable for various urban gas pipelines, main lines and branch lines; it is suitable for monitoring of suburban, long-distance pipelines, urban gas pressure regulating cabinets, and pressure regulating stations.
System composition
The integrated management intelligent platform of the gas pipeline network monitoring system can manage the data of the gas pipeline network in a unified manner, realize the refined management of the whole process of daily inspection, maintenance and emergency command, and provide the data basis for the planning scheme of the new construction, upgrade and reconstruction of the pipeline network; For improving the management level of the gas pipeline network system, solving current problems and future risks, and ensuring the daily production and life of residents. System composition The overall architecture of the urban gas pipe network monitoring system consists of a perception layer, a transmission layer, a data layer, a service layer, an application layer, as well as a standard specification and an operation guarantee system.

Perception layer: The perception layer of the gas pipeline network monitoring system is mainly composed of wireless gas detectors, IoT gateways and related sensors. The system perception layer is a key part of the gas pipe network monitoring system and the basic data source of the system. The gas pipe network monitoring parameters are collected through front-end equipment, and the collected parameters are remotely transmitted through a reliable transmission network.
Network layer: It is the core of data communication and the main channel of data transmission. The network layer mainly adopts NB-IoT, 4G, 5G and other communication networks.
Service layer: It is composed of the IoT device management platform, which realizes the collection and management of data, and provides professional and convenient data interface services for the pipe network monitoring platform and other application platforms.

City Gas Pipeline Network Monitoring

Created on:2022-09-23