In recent years, more and more schools hope to promote the construction of wireless campus networks, and each ordinary classroom and office will achieve wireless network coverage. Wireless hotspots cover major teaching places and provide environmental support for mobile learning. This time, we will share with you the design of a wifi coverage scheme for a campus!


The main purpose of campus wifi coverage scheme design:


1. Internet access is guaranteed


Schools should carry out hierarchical protection of important information systems, and continue to do a good job in network and information technology guarantees. Regardless of the school, it is hoped that the campus network will be fully protected to prevent serious teaching accidents caused by the leakage or loss of heavy teaching materials. The wifi coverage scheme design of Shenzhen Chengde Communication Technology Co., Ltd. will follow the standards for construction.


2. Convenient operation and maintenance


Many primary and secondary schools are generally backward informatization construction, with aging equipment, difficult management, and high maintenance costs. In the process of promoting informatization construction, schools urgently need to simplify the network structure and reduce construction and operation and maintenance costs. The wifi coverage scheme design of Chengde Communication will follow the principle of easy management for construction.


The main content of campus wifi coverage scheme design:


1. Indoor area design


In the campus scenario, the indoor areas are mainly teaching areas, office areas, science and technology buildings and other areas. Wi-Fi coverage plan design is carried out in this area. When issuing IoT solutions, it is necessary to pay attention to the large number of teachers and students. Wi-Fi coverage plan design comparison It is recommended to use a ceiling-supported AP, which is not only beautiful, convenient, and cost-saving, but also can meet the daily Internet needs of teachers, students, and visitors.


2. High-density scene design


In densely populated areas such as school guidance halls, when designing a Wi-Fi coverage scheme, it is necessary to consider the problem of Internet access in the case of high concurrency. Therefore, it is recommended to use wireless high-density APs. The AP has strong performance.


3. Campus park design


As the demand for wireless networks in primary and secondary schools increases, the demand for teachers’ mobile office, students’ mobile learning, and data roaming is also increasing. The construction of a general education outdoor wireless network has solved the needs of wireless office and mobile Internet access in the park, and has also increased teachers and students Internet experience. The outdoor park environment is harsh, and the deployed equipment is often exposed to wind and rain. Outdoor equipment is required to have high protection capabilities, waterproof and lightning protection, simple installation and maintenance, etc. Therefore, when designing wifi coverage schemes, pay attention to professional-level protection capabilities when issuing IoT solutions. .

WiFi coverage scheme for a campus

Created on:2022-08-08