The air environment monitoring solution is based on 4G IoT edge gateways, combined with sensor devices such as PM2.5 sensors, VOCs sensors, sulfur dioxide sensors, ammonia gas sensors, and carbon monoxide sensors for detecting air pollutants, so as to realize the detection of inhalable particulate matter and other toxic substances in the atmosphere. Real-time monitoring of the concentration parameters of harmful gases. And it can carry out targeted processing according to the specific needs of users. Through data processing and graphic drawing on the platform, it can meet the large-scale and unified management of air monitoring equipment, so that relevant institutions and units can understand the location more intuitively. Regional air pollution, to achieve all-weather, regional air pollution detection.

The overall monitoring system of air environment is mainly composed of four parts: perception layer, transmission layer, application layer and user terminal.
1. The perception layer mainly involves some air quality monitoring equipment carried at the lower end, including wireless transmission connected with sensors modules, air temperature and humidity sensors and other types of gas sensors are required in on-site air monitoring.
2. The transport layer is mainly a 4G edge computing gateway.
3. The application layer is mainly a management platform for users to monitor the overall space, which is used to manage gas sensor data in different areas and functions.
4. The terminal layer includes various devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, notebooks, and PCs that are used to receive and process information.

Air Environment Monitoring

Created on:2022-08-08